Co2 Systems

Co2 Systems

A few of our current projects utilize a DIY CO2 systems. These systems either consist of a chemical reaction or a biological reaction. For instance a biological reaction could be created from yeast, sugar and water. While a chemical reaction could be created from citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and water. We will have a list of recipes below. While the third option is to obtain a CO2 system where you would need to visit a location to refill your CO2 tank. The last method is the best for the long term.

Each of these systems has pros and cons. Which can either consist of the length of time before needing to reset up as well as the amount of pressure that is generated. Due to the pressure that citric acid and sodium by carbonate process generates. We do recommend obtaining a system that can handle much higher PSI rather than utilizing a soda bottle.

When dealing with high pressure a soda bottle can be a missile and the missile always knows where it is and where it’s going to go.
For our biological CO2 system, most of our tanks utilize a single bottle method. Which will require a few items to start.

  • Diy Method – Can be used for both biological and chemical
    • One or Two
      • 2-liter bottles
    • One or two bottle caps with two airline connectors
    • Airline tubing
    • Needle valve
    • On and off valve
    • A diffuser
    • One way valve

We will also list a few DYI kits that you can utilize to do this at home. Please note these systems mostly consist of the two-bottle method which you can utilize the parts to use as bottle system. The second bottle is used has a filter to allow your CO2 to be filtered.